Janine Lamy

Daddy’s little racehorse

I know it’s starting to get colder but we had the most amazing bright sunshine at the last Carmen Court jumping clinic. Lily and Jazz did some gridwork with me in the morning, both jumping really well. Jazz hasn’t been jumped since February and was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Then a few groups in the afternoon. As usual it was a very relaxed day, everyone really seeming to benefit from coming out and schooling round a course or doing some exercises away from home. I can’t believe that’s another year over.

Martin took Lily to the Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds opening meet. There were nearly 50 out and she was a total star again. She took everything in her stride; jumping ditches, timber, water, and what Martin described as a ‘Junior Hedge’. Doesn’t look that ‘junior’ to me….very proud of my little girl! In our house she is now referred to as “Daddy’s little racehorse”.

While Lily was galloping around the countryside Morgan and Smurf swapped their jumping tack for dressage tack and went to Eaglesfield unaffiliated. Having seen their flatwork in the week I had suggested that maybe they were ready to take the plunge and affiliate him. To prove a point Smurf won the Prelim with 74% and the Novice with 71%…..ooh we do love a winner!

Winter must be approaching as the Eaglesfield BD series has also started. In the first one on Tuesday Debbie and Jasmine were both in the Elementary. Despite having barely ridden in two months due to a bad back Debbie posted a win, only narrowly pipping Jasmine who has only had two rides on Reggie at this level. So a first and a second for Team Lamy – Hoo-Hah! Maybe it was the threat of thumb screws….

Then on Thursday I went to Mount Mascal for a BHS course on how rider position and anatomy affects the horse’s way of going. These courses are always very interesting but I think the biggest thing I took away was probably about my own wonky body and how it affects my horses rather than anything to do with my clients!

Coming up we have a busy half term, the first Bedgebury winter jumping clinic, Harry’s third chiro session, and a possibility of a day out with Coakham for Lily and Martin. Fingers crossed I can actually go and watch this time!!

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