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As angry as a bag of wasps

Sorry I am a bit late with this blog, computer induced stress!

Harry has been practising his Irish Dancing at Bedgebury BD. Not to be outdone he clickety click clicked his way through the first Novice and scored 71% and won. He wasn’t quite so on-side in the second test as he had a three hour wait, but we still managed a yellow ribbon. The boy was on fine form! 

Then we had the first Carmen Court jumping clinic of the year. It was really lovely to see everyone again,the sun shone and we had a great day. Best of all, the horses all jumped really well which is a perfect way to start the year. It was like we’d never been away…

Then on the Sunday Lily had her first XC school. What a clever little ginger thing! We really were delighted with her, she took everything onboard without any fuss and was very brave. Martin rode her and I lead the way on Harry who was a fantastic lead, really giving Lily confidence. She seemed to say ‘if he can do it, I can do it’. Then she worked on her own while Harry napped and spun and made a huge fuss about not being with his woman. What a plonker! The only thing she didn’t jump was a ditch because they have filled in the dry ditch at Bonfleur and we didn’t think her first ditch needed water running through it! Onwards and upwards for Lily-head!

Sally lessons for both came next. Lily jumped around a course on grass for the first time, and went really well. It’s all about new experiences for her at this stage. Then I told Sally that I wanted to work on straightness and corners with Harry, and boy what a grilling I got! Needless to say I now understand exactly how my wonky position affects my horse and have learnt a thing or two about holding a line on Harry to a narrow fence. U-hum. I will hasten to add that this is very much work in progress. I almost had a teenage moment in the middle, having run past the same fence about eight times in a row…I gave myself a good talking to and said through gritted teeth ‘I’m finding this a little frustrating’. Much deep breathing and we got there in the end!

We had a lovely day out at Badminton on Sunday. We have some friends over from Australia who we haven’t seen in years and have been busy catching up while they are here.

Then Lily, Otto and Tinka went XC schooling to Coombelands on Monday. Lily was a star, jumped her first ditch without even blinking, and took everything on for her mother. She really felt at ease, and had a great ‘bring it on’ attitude. I was dead chuffed with the girl. You never know how they are going to take to XC, and she seems well up for it! Unfortunately Martin fell off Otto but otherwise he went well and is looking much improved. Despite a very sore knee Martin then schooled Tinka who was also fab, and looking very comfortable with the job. Unfortunately a check up at hospital shows that Martin has sprained the collateral ligament around his knee and he is very lame indeed. Poor old crock!

Talking of old crocks, Ivy has been out doing some novice dressage with Laura gaining a very respectable 66.8% and a 2nd place. Hard to imagine we were all in floods of tears last Summer at the prospect of saying goodbye. Funny little dumpling.

Coming up Harry has Nurstead BE100 on Sunday. I am now dreading this as he was totally beside himself with anger tonight and eventually I got off before I was thrown off, only to find that one of the girth straps had broken during his thrashing about! Me thinks the branch Chief Instructor really should practise what she preaches regarding checking her tack – will put that one down as a ‘near miss’. Lily has some more clear round jumping at Felbridge, both horses have another Sally lesson, Harry has Step by Step BD, and we have the next Carmen Court jumping clinic…bring it on!


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