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Crazy Frog

Last week both my horses lost the plot and my ever supportive husband opened a book on which one bucks me off first! I am starting to feel a little like a stunt rider….even Lily has had moments of behaving like ‘Crazy Frog’.

Harry has been to Sally’s for his first lesson since August last year. She was amazed when we took his rugs off to reveal the new improved bodywork – he’s so much fitter and stronger, she said he looked like a different horse. Thankfully he jumped like a star (much to my relief as I’ve only jumped him four or so times) but he bucked his head off at every opportunity in between. It was like riding a giant version of Rose! She made some comment about me being attracted to ‘quirky’….who, me?! However she also said that he was jumping better than when we left it in the Summer – praise be to the medicine of hunting with his daddy!

Onto Lily….my generally sane little orange friend (well, until her sister arrived and Mrs Mischief and Little Miss Silly reunited the double act)….I jumped her the following day and to say she was a little over-enthusiastic was an understatement. Boinging about three foot higher than necessary (“Tinka, look at me!!”), landing pretty steeply with her head between her knees and broncing like a bull with me hailing a cab! Oh she is feeling very perky indeed and we are now jumping twice a week until it is less exciting…uhum.

On Sunday Harry hunted with Coakham at Little Horsted. He got a great school report and by all accounts continues to give Martin an amazing ride over some enormous hedges. To quote Martin ‘you just point and let him get on with it’.  I hope eventing him proves that straight forward!!

Chris Caden-Parker came to do the horses’ backs this week. I am delighted to report that Harry and Lily were both in tip-top condition. Tinka was a little sore so a few days off for her. It’s really perfect timing, only two weeks into work we can now crack on in earnest, knowing everything should be OK. Chris commented on what a great sort she is, and so easy in the stable – or maybe that was just relative to the swearing from Father Jack next door?! We really are pleased with the progress she has made in three short weeks. Lily on the other hand wants her gone. And soon.

What planet was I on when I decided that going to Duckhurst for some jumping would be a clever idea today? I was absolutely FREEZING. Yikes, I’m not sure I will ever recover! There was much sighing from Harry, and you can see how impressed he was from the photo…but….he did jump clear!

Coming up; Tinka has her first jumping lesson with Martin at Lucy’s, Harry hunts at Chiddingstone, both horses have a Char flatwork lesson and we all get to blow the cobwebs away for a XC school at Munstead. Hoo-hah!

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