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Action, action!

Well Happy New Year to you all. Fingers, hooves and paws crossed for a fantastic 2011.

Like everyone else during the snow I have been bored rigid and entertaining myself with food and far more trips to the Red Lion than is healthy! I have to admit to starting 2011 needing a bigger girth – Lily will buckle at the knees when I get back on!

In between eating and drinking with family and friends we went to the OSBWK Boxing Day Meet at Chiddingstone Castle. Due to the ground conditions they were only able to meet on foot but it was lovely to be off the sofa and show our support. I’ve been moaning my head off about not earning anything for four weeks but you have to spare a thought for the hunt staff – they only have the winter and a month not hunting is pretty crippling. As always we bumped into some friendly faces and stopped at the pub for a few beers with Lucy (Thompson) and Chris (Caden-Parker). Ted was particularly impressed to find some sausage leftovers on the table!

You’ll remember Harry had been hunting on the Downs at Jevington? Well the following morning he had a rather large lump under his knee on the tendon. It didn’t go away after a few days and although he was perfectly sound I thought we’d better get it scanned. Unfortunately that’s when it snowed so I confined Harry to barracks whilst waiting for the roads and yard to clear. I didn’t want to risk him out in the snow and on the frozen ground. By the time we got there the lump had very nearly gone and they looked at me like I was making it up! Anyway, I am very pleased to report that there is no damage to any tendons or ligaments and they suspect he had burst the blood vessel. So back to work for Harry!

You may be able to help me out on this one – on Thursday night we were out with friends in Chislehurst when a rather worse for wear chap stopped me and yelled ‘hey, it’s you!’. I kept moving (thinking LOON!) and I heard him say to his friend ‘look, it’s her from Emmerdale’. What on earth?!!

On Friday Harry was turned out in the small paddock by the school and predictably was beside himself. It was all I could do to hold onto him on the way out there, leaping and rearing, and looked like he was about 25 hands high! Lily too has been airborne several times on the lunge after a month off – she’s feeling very bright! It’s fantastic to be out teaching and working the horses again, I feel like a different person!

I had a new group of faces for a jumping lesson at Bedgebury on Friday, which was lovely. We have the next clinic there on Saturday. I will be organising the first cross country schooling dates soon. We are crossing everything that Martin’s Coakham meet at Nurstead happens on Sunday – it has been cancelled for the last two years. It’s all action action again, hurrah!

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