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Snow, frozen ground, then more snow

Firstly to let you know that Dad is back home and the lucky socks have returned to the drawer…

What a nightmare this weather is. The first time it snowed we managed to clear a track by moving the snow off the school at Carmen Court. So Harry was back into work, as angry as a bear. Nothing new there – you just have to stay cool, hold on tight and remember that it will pass. I shall have to get some pictures next time, it really is a spectacle!

Great timing, I’ve been testing an Ariat thermal top for Horse magazine. At nearly eighty quid it ought to have been warm, but I wasn’t particularly impressed. It had ‘thumb cuffs’ which I did try despite thinking I must look like a truculent teenager, and it meant the top got very dirty and worse, very wet. In minus three degrees, this made me very grumpy! Oops, there goes my Ariat sponsorship….

Martin had been busy preparing the Larkins Brewery meet at Chiddingstone with Master Sally Mack but it just didn’t melt in time so Coakham rerouted to a day on the South Downs at Jevington. I had a few lessons to do so couldn’t join them (first work I’d had in two weeks!) but sent Martin off with strict instructions to come back with a photo. I hear that Harry was Mr Responsible and led the field over the little XC jumps with his eyes closed (literally – see link!). He then had his ego dented when someone asked Martin “where’s that nice horse you brought to the Opening Meet?” (Otto). Poor Harry!  

With almost no teaching on, I nipped down to Golden Cross to watch a jumping clinic with Nick Turner, FBHS and Accredited BE and BD coach. What a lovely guy. He had some tricky lines set up and was encouraging riders to ride forwards to a soft hand – easier said than done if you are also making a tight turn. It’s a horrible time of year but I do have more time to watch from others and catch up on Trainer training, something that I think is really important if I’m to stay in touch and develop, but crikey it was cold!!

I had to cancel the Bedgebury jumping clinic tomorrow due to the snow. It’s such a shame as fourteen of you were coming. Let’s hope the weather is OK for the next one, only a few weeks away on Saturday January 8th

Stay warm and safe!

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