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Costa del Brrr

Well I think Hartpury must be the coldest place on earth! Louisa and I went to the British Dressage  National Convention last Sunday. It was -8 degrees when we left home and didn’t rise above -4 degrees all day. The poor people sitting on the short side of the arena with no heaters looked like icebergs! This year the convention was with Klaus Balkenhol, aided by the Bechtolsheimers, and was excellent. The message was about patience, listening to what the horse is telling you, taking time to get understanding and importantly, correctness before extravagance (there is hope for Harry after all!).

So on the theme of being patient and giving things time, Lily is on a brief winter holiday. It’s freezing cold, we are under a foot of snow, the forecast is still pants and she has that splint bumbling away. So she can chill until the weather improves…Costa del Brrr for Lily!

I’ll not beat around the bush about this – when we got back from Hartpury it became clear that Martin had shared the bed with another. I’m not one to air my dirty linen in public (if you pardon the pun!), but there was evidence. Now I’m pretty laid back but some things are a no-no. Martin, the dogs sleep downstairs!!

Then one of the highlights of last week was Tuesday. How far can you push Lamy without her going crazy day! It had started to snow but I got to the yard to get the horses done without too much drama. Unfortunately I chose the M25 as my route home, a mistake of giant proportions! I was stuck for ten and a half hours. TEN AND A HALF HOURS!! It’s just as well the dogs weren’t with me, I may have eaten them! Not only was I as hungry as Harry, I was even considering whether a Dubarry would double up as a portable toilet! Only the radio, Facebook and texting kept me sane. And I never thought I would hear myself say that…

More drama on Wednesday as my dad was carted off to Darenth Hospital following a minor heart attack. An angiogram shows his pipework is seriously clogged up, and as I write this he is at St Thomas waiting for heart bypass surgery on Wednesday…Now this is going to horrify anyone who has had help of a Sports Psychology nature from me, but I am making no apologies. On Wednesday I will be wearing my lucky socks.

I managed to lunge Harry today and what a feisty boy he was! Let’s cross our fingers, paws and hooves for some sun to melt this horrid white stuff. I haven’t earnt a penny since it arrived and I am worried that the Red Lion will close without my patronage!

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