Janine Lamy

From boy to man

Sometimes Harry behaves like a naughty pony….He’d been clipped on the Saturday, hunted on the Sunday, and was in a right hurry to get turned out on Monday morning. So there we are wandering down to his field, half asleep in the semi-dark, when I feel the rope go tight. I turn to look at him and he’s collapsed with a thud and is lying in the mud looking at me like a giant walrus! “I need to roll, and I need to roll NOW!” What is he like?! 

I have finally succumbed to seeing an Osteopath. It wasn’t the normal aches and pains but some freaky and totally painless crunching in my neck that I could not take any longer. It just felt too wierd and was keeping me awake. A tired Lamy is a tetchy Lamy and something had to give! I did feel a bit of a plonker explaining that I’d never done anything about my twenty year old back ache, cue some rolling of eyes and sighing about all horse people being the same. Then I had to marvel at the wisdom of fitting this appointment between finishing the horses and my first evening lesson – yes, I was standing there with only greying undies and woolly yard socks on while he pondered the finer points of my posture. Nice one!

On Thursday Harry had his second British Dressage outing at Step by Step. I felt a little under-prepared with only limited flatwork since he’s come back into work but needn’t have worried. In the first Novice he was a little distracted by imaginary hounds (the problem of mixing hunting and dressage!) and he dropped off the aids a little. Not a bad effort though with 66% and second overall. The second Novice was indoors, his concentration much improved and he tried his very hardest and won with a cracking score of 70%. What a clever boy. Go Harry!

Then on Friday both horses had flatwork lessons. Harry was first up, showing off sheets that said ‘elegant’ and ‘a pleasure to watch’ to his favourite polo provider. He hasn’t had a lesson since July so it was great to get some pointers. I find I need a bit of guidance with the trot work and Char always gives me plenty to work on between lessons. Next up was Lily. As per the last lesson it was all about me being softer in my shoulders and wrists, but it started well with Char saying she thought the contact looked better. Then we stopped as the saddle had slipped, Char did up the girth, and Lily (always one to wear her heart on her sleeve) was suddenly furious. I can only assume that the girth was too tight and had pinched her as she’s been normal ever since. One of them was looking at Char all doe-eyed, and the other was swearing like a sailor…and not the way round you’d expect!

Now I think someone is taking the p*ss. They have searched “every time the family day care worker is not looking Janine is in th….” The what?! Janine is in the what?! The cookie jar? The pub?!

U-hum. On Wednesday Harry made the transition from boy to man. His first proper hedge day with his daddy. Mark Cross is always a rather big day (I didn’t realise until afterwards but apparently they jumped no less than seventeen hedges!!) on pretty heavy going but Harry was fantastic. Martin had a great day and said he was absolutely fab to hunt – my baby is all grown up!!

I’m off to the BD National Convention at Hartpury on Sunday. The forecast for the weekend is freezing cold and possible snow. Brrr….I might just hibernate!

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