Janine Lamy

Grumpy Bum

Well no jumping lesson for Lily after all. She is obviously trying to emulate her big brother and has what looks like a small splint pop up. What is it with splints this year?! It’s not causing a problem but I thought it best to give her some easy time but that means I’ve been bored and stomping around the yard muttering under my breath…until I saw that someone came to this website having searched “Grumpy bum”. Surely they didn’t mean me?!

A fantastic turn-out for the first jumping clinic at Bedgebury Park – sixteen came! We had a great day and it was super to see the regulars somewhere new doing different exercises, but it was also lovely to see some new faces. It’s great to have this venue over the winter and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone next month. We raised the bar a little with more technical lines and it was interesting to see what happened next!

Debbie’s recent successes have achieved her publicity in Local Rider and Horse and Hound – top effort! Heaven forbid that Horse and Hound would actually mention her trainer though….the girls cleared up in the early classes but oh no, they print some twiffle about ten metre half-circles! Don’t get me started!! Great news though is that she’s been offered sponsorship from www.1624equinecouture.com (an online store selling fashionable and comfortable equestrian clothes to the larger lady). I shouldn’t grumble (again!) but you’d think she could get sponsorship for something I could take advantage of?!!

Then much to the hilarity of those around me, I am quoted in Horse and Hound this week. I’ve had a few text messages challenging my sanity (nothing new there!). Is there a better way to subconsciously correct our position over a fence? Set up a grid and take away stirrups and reins. It works wonders for the lower leg, as if by magic! Me thinks the singing to YMCA and making hand movements at the same time may have been the ‘batty factor’….?!

Today Martin took Harry out with the Coakham Bloodhounds. What a lovely day it was for charging around the countryside! Yuk! Harry however was in his element, doing what he loves and was a total star all day. That boy was born to hunt and I have no idea how I’m going to break the news that he has his second dressage outing on Thursday….

There are Char lessons planned, more hunting dates, the BD National Convention looms, and then it’s December – yikes!! Forget Christmas shopping, I must get another lesson with Sally booked for Lily…

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