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Lily the mule

Well I have got the winter jumping clinics organised, and am delighted to report that they will be held at Bedgebury Park. This is a great venue and I’m really looking forward to being able to run them there. See clinic page for dates. There will be one a month from November through to February; concentrating on exercises, technique, rider position, gridwork etc.

Lily has blotted her copybook. At four Lily knows everything. “I don’t think I want to walk over that mud”…”No, I’m not going up there”….”I’ve told you, NO!”.. Lily said no, mummy said yes. Discussion lasted twenty minutes. Mummy 1, Lily the Mule 0. Don’t you love young horses!

Thankyou to everyone that has sent me testimonials and pictures for the pages of this website. I can assure you that my school reports never read like that! I shall be paying off the bribes for some time…

Hannah Bartholomew had a great final event at Pulborough ending up 2nd in her BE90 section. We think this leaves her as the winner of the South East Eventers League ‘Seahorse Grassroots First Timer’ ranking for 2010 but are waiting for confirmation as I write….

We had a fantastic day with two groups schooling at Bonfleur Cross-country last Sunday. We were very lucky with super weather and great ground. Everyone enjoyed themselves and all the horses jumped really well with Martin really earning his lunch by having a lengthy discussion about forward movement over a hole in the ground with Tina Freedman’s Morgan. It was a weekend for challenging discussions with ginger people!

Talking of which, Lily went to Sally’s for a lesson on Monday and I was really pleased with how relaxed she was having not been out for ages. She’s still wanting to zoom at jumps, running onto the bridle and then being very touchy about the contact. My homework is to ride with two reins. One to the bit as normal and the other attached to the noseband. Will let you know how this goes. Sally did say that Lily looked an absolute picture, much stronger and better balanced and was very much worth taking the time with….all good to hear.

The highlight of my social calendar on Wednesday night – our Pony Club parents evening! Martin had come up with a cunning plan, holding it in the pub next door to where we live, so this did soften the blow somewhat. A slightly emotional DC said his goodbyes to the North West Kent branch after 35 years as member, committee member, treasurer, and District Commissioner. He’s leaving the branch in the capable hands of Fiona Scott (she admitted to longer NWK service than Martin, she’s just worn better!) and he’s moving on to be the Area 11 Representative. Whilst at an Area meeting this Friday, Mrs Janet Stakemire asked him if he was the Martin Wright that Valerie Joliffe taught to ride. He was a little shocked as he can only ever recall the two of them together at the Edenbridge and Oxted show, back in his Working Pony days, aged eleven!!  

Today was the last Carmen Court jumping clinic for the year. I’m really pleased with how popular these have become. This time it was the last group that gave me the most trouble. The North West Kent Pony Club retiring DC and the new DC, taught by their Chief Instructor – I bet that doesn’t happen very often!! Mind you, the retiring DC didn’t listen to a word I said….

PS Harry is back. Not sure who the imposter was but Grumpy Boy has returned.

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