Janine Lamy

I’ve not changed much

A few weeks ago I received a text message from an unknown number. It started “Hello Miss Lamy. It’s been a very long time since I last spoke to you, nearly thirty years I guess…..”

Oh my god, it turns out that this message is from my very first riding instructor! I’ve been helping someone on the yard where she keeps a horse and after all these years she hears my name in conversation (I didn’t change it when I got married) and remembers me – talk about a blast from the past!

So I include a picture for you, dressed ready for my first lesson aged nine, the image she has in her head of me. Well it’s not like I’ve changed much….

Last Saturday I went to Speedgate BD for a day of dressage while Martin delivered Lexie to stud. Three clients (Debbie Reeves, Gail Le Milliere and Bonnie Kerr) were all there on the same day and I thought it would be a good idea to watch them away from home. It can be enlightening watching people in a competition environment! Anyway, turns out they don’t need me interfering, they all did really well with Bonnie and Debbie really pulling out the stops to get exactly the same score and jointly winning the large Novice Qualifier – what’s the chance of that happening?! Two people trained by the same person winning on exactly the same score?! I was so chuffed!

We have decided to start hacking Ivy to see if we can loosen up those stiff old joints. Hah! What a joke that is. I haven’t ridden Ivy in ten years and had completely forgotten what I was letting myself in for. She jogged the whole way yelling and tossing her head, sending flobber all over me. We had set out for a sedate walk and arrived back at the yard a hot frothy mess and looking like we’d been hunting. Never underestimate that fat little dumpling! Martin is slightly nervous as he’s worked out that over the years he’s the only one she hasn’t had off…..I reckon she’s been biding her time…!!

It was off to Sally’s for a lesson on Tuesday. The morning started well with Harry having a tantrum about staying in and getting loose for the first time in ages. He galloped towards the fields where Lily was first to spot him. She wasted no time telling everyone “hey, look at Harry, he’s in the playground in his pink nighty!!” (am I a bad mother, it was cheap?!). He wouldn’t let me anywhere near him, Louisa had to catch him, then the strop got worse and he kicked me while I tried to groom him. To add insult to injury he then point blank refused to load. Mother lost her temper, I won’t tell you what I called him…..but he loaded. Fortunately when we got to Sally’s he jumped like a total star despite his jockey who must have left her brain back at home in the morning mayhem. I was on another planet and he really dug me out of trouble a few times. It seems to be making a huge difference taking him there to practise on a hill and round a course on grass. I was so pleased that I forgot all about his morning misdemeanours and gave him an apple…ahh….

Then today it was off to Felbridge to see if we could reproduce this work at a competition. I had wondered what I had let myself in for when I saw the spooky new arena. Harry also wasn’t sure and hot footed it back the way we had come in “I’m not going down there!” But I am pleased to report that his jumping was very much improved. Good day at the office for Harry!

I am hoping to get back to Sally’s and have a few more BSJA competition practises before heading off to Smiths Lawn for our next BE100. Lily is back from her holidays and back in work so hopefully we will get going with her soon too….

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