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Fee Fi Fo Fum

Harry has two days at Sally’s booked for next week. I know he will take more time and I need to be patient, and he is jumping so much better at home, but I do still feel a bit at sea with him. He quite simply isn’t small and female, and since that is somewhat unlikely to change, I guess I need to! I built a big corner in the school after our run-out on the XC at Mattingley and he didn’t miss a beat. I think I was just enjoying the ride far too much and needed a good wake-up slap. He did feel tense in the showjumping, and from the photos I can see I was not always behind him (how hard can it be?!). I’m sure I will leave Sally’s with more homework!

Over the last few weeks I have been starting to play with the three year old Jasper (he belongs to Louisa’s mother Sandy). The original intention was for me to back him but with Ivy coming home I’m not sure I will have enough time so I’m getting him lunging so that Hayley Crush can pick up where I leave. I did a bit with him last year as he was needing something to occupy his brain, and he has pretty much started where we left off. He’s already lunging in tack and ready to have someone lean over him.

Debbie Reeves had a great day at the South East Dressage Championships at Hickstead last Saturday. When I started teaching her a few years back I was under very strict instructions that she had to do better than 16th (no pressure!). Thank goodness her 6 yr old finished a very respectable 9th and hopefully I am employed for a little while longer….

Our little black patterdale Pippa was a little overdue a haircut…I kept meaning to get it done but eventually Martin decided he would do it (uh-oh!). Mostly it looks OK (she doesn’t seem to mind the tramlines) but he’s clipped her really short then left her with hairy legs. She looks like an extra from ‘The Kids from Fame’ and I’m half expecting her to burst into ‘Hi-Fidelity’ in her leg-warmers. Poor pooch, best I find the scissors…

Hannah Bartholomew had a fantastic day at Borde Hill finishing 7th in her 90 section. Both Martin and I are absolutely thrilled to see one of our PC members going on to compete through BE with success. Just between us, at twelve years old Martin could barely rise to the trot!! 

As you know Lexie is now trialling regumate and Borde Hill was the first of several outings planned to see if it makes any difference. Unfortunately not, she said no thanks again in the showjumping, this time twice throwing Martin through the jump – she really meant NO and he has some lovely bruises! So we are none the wiser and after much conversation between Martin and our vet Karen she now has a planned meeting with something that stallion ‘Up With The Lark’ left in a test tube….

NEWSFLASH!! My favourite pony in the whole wide world is home!! My little dumpling with her curly mane, she makes me smile every time I look at her. Harry on the other hand was very disturbed. He walked through the field she had stayed in overnight sniffing the ground and paced around his own field giving it “Fee Fi Fo Fum”. He is an odd ball, he’s unbelievably territorial. 

He was Mr Rodeo in the school on Tuesday, the spring grass and a bit of rain doing its magic again. He has a Char lesson and a few days at Sally’s planned – that should concentrate the mind! We’re off to see Asbo Rose at stud this Saturday, I’m at Stilebridge with Louisa and Strider on Sunday, there’s a Carmen Court jumping clinic next Saturday and depending on Sally’s advice I may take Harry out for some jumping practise on the Sunday…no rest for the wicked!

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