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Better suited to cricket

Friday last week we had a lesson with Char. Between you and me I think she’s soft on Harry. All these serious dressage horses she trains and I reckon she has Harry as a pin-up! She brings him polos….they look into each other’s eyes….and Harry says “Grumpy Boy? Who me?!”. Another one of those situations when I describe how he’s been the horse from hell, Harry goes like a dream, she says “well I haven’t seen any of that today” and I feel like I’ve made it all up! She’s very good at getting into his head. Keep learning Lamy!

Then on Saturday we had another Carmen Court jumping clinic. A quieter affair than usual, but this meant I had time to ride Lily in the arena and what a superstar she was. She jumped everything first time, including the planks and the water tray – what a big brave pony! I was also delighted with Debbie Reeves’ Jazz. He was much more rideable and couldn’t have gone better (note to self ‘must steal for a party’!) Then there was John Evans – much improved, and the group of girls Rachel Stewart, Nicole Garbett and Morgan Schive – a noticeable difference to last month. Hoo hah! That’s what we like…

Lexie went to the vets on Monday for an ovarian scan and general check up. Martin is trialling her on regumate but Karen Coumbe’s money is on another stomach ulcer. We’ll see what comes out of the woodwork….We’ve also had the bad news that Rose absorbed her foal over the winter. She has been covered again this week though so fingers crossed for a successful outcome for them this time. I’m quite disappointed there’s no devil foal this year! We were expecting Ivy home this summer as we hear she’s starting to feel her age and Romy wants to go on and do more. However as I write this we hear that she isn’t quite sound…so she’ll be home in a few weeks for us to assess the situation and decide what to do next….Horses!

The one thing left for Lily to experience before a well earned holiday is a different jockey. Cue Martin to climb aboard. Last Sunday Sandra Stoddart saw Martin bending over at East Bysshe and thought it was me (I’m not sure I will EVER find forgiveness!). We were hoping Lily wouldn’t notice the difference either and she didn’t at first, then his ‘man aids’ to canter rather confused her and she pressed the ejector button! The DC remained in situ and other than that she was a cool dude. She will now have three to four weeks off, just to soak in everything that she has learned. It would be very easy to keep asking more and putting more pressure on but she’s been a total star and has deserved some chill out time.

And onto Mattingley for our first 100 today. Harry started the day by breaking a leadrope, not a great start. We then struggled with the flies and his balance in the dressage. You’d think we were trying to ride a test on a black run, not a mild slope! He did try his best but left me in no doubt that I have to find some grass to work him on if his balance is to improve. Then the jumping…..hmm. Well I thought he jumped the fillers really nicely. Unfortunately there were poles above them! Four down. FOUR! Groan. On the XC he was totally fab and it was quite an ask for his level of experience. A totally different horse, he was really relaxed and confident.  Unfortunately he was also rather hampered by his mother who rode to the corner thinking he was drifting left. Alas, I sat like a lemon and he carried on drifting left, right past the fence. Argh, what was I thinking?! I think we’d have been better suited to cricket today but nice to get out and try something more of a challenge. Plenty of homework required before another trip out though!

Lexie is off to Borde Hill, Lily is on holiday and Ivy is due home…

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