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Big Goof

Well what a silly thing to say, enjoying the weather indeed. It has been horrid ever since. This morning I was scraping ice off the windscreen of my car only to see my hayfever tablets on the dashboard underneath – make sense of that!

We had a freezing cold day at Felbridge with Harry. Whether it was the cold or the spring grass I don’t know but he was certainly feeling bright. I got on, Martin let go of the reins and I was taken across the car park by a broncing bull with his head between his knees!! I had literally just put my bum in the saddle so I had my hands full of gloves, reins, whip and was lucky to pull him up before running someone down. Yet later on, having relaxed in the sun while waiting to jump, he started to wobble about so I looked down to see what was happening. To my surprise he was scratching his left ear with his left hind hoof, yes while I was onboard! Big goof. 

He jumped really well in the first class and I was very pleased. He’s only jumped about eight rounds ever and was feeling more rideable – hurrah! While warming up for the second class it started to hail heavily. We were in the small indoor school and my delicate little flower could not bear the noise on the roof and started throwing himself about like a runaway dinosaur while people on baby horses looked at me in horror. Needless to say in the second class we had reverted to feisty boy “shut up I know what I’m doing” and had a couple of rails. I think you call it ‘work in progress’.   

Election night I slept really well, assuming (as you would) that lying beside me was Martin. When I woke up my partner was grey and hairy, but there was also a faint smell of fox poo. Martin had stayed up all night to watch the results unfold and I had been sharing my bed with Ted. Ughk!

OK, it is cold but I think the spring grass is working its magic. Lily wants to do everything at three hundred miles an hour all of a sudden and Harry completely lost the plot on Tuesday leaping and bucking in the school. Felbridge should have been a warning – sometimes I am very slow on the uptake! With cross country schooling planned for Wednesday I had packed my parachute but actually I have to report that he was on his best behaviour. Seems I just can’t predict what’s coming next!

Lily has had very limited jumping experience to date, but I thought it was about the right time for her to be introduced to a small filler. Bless her – she really didn’t want to touch it! We have another jumping clinic day at Carmen Court on Saturday and it looks to be a quiet one so I’m hoping to take her in the arena with the course set up, even if only to ride around. It’s great that we can do this at home before venturing out.  

Next time I write Harry and I will have been to Mattingley for the 100. Talk soon!

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