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Stilebridge Champions!

Not the best of days, last Saturday Martin and Lexie were at our local event Nurstead. This is a lovely event and great that it’s only half an hour from home but it never seems to go right for him there. I taught in the morning, headed to Nurstead to watch Martin’s dressage, headed back to ride Lily and got back to Nurstead in time for the SJ warm up! Unfortunately it was not to be and Lexie said no thanks in the SJ early on. We now need to see if we can work out what she’s trying to tell us. She flew around the last two events so there must be something. If only they could talk….(although on consideration I probably don’t want to hear what Harry has to say!).

So quickly onto Sunday when both Debbie Reeves and Louisa were at winter dressage championships. Louisa and Strider did a fantastic job and won the Stilebridge Walk and Trot Winter Championships – what a clever boy, I was very proud having helped her with him from the beginning. Zalena who lived with us on schooling last year was also 6thwith her new owner Claire Carter which was lovely to see.  Then Debbie and Jazz were placed in all three Ingleden Park championship classes qualifying for the Trailblazer finals at Stoneleigh in the Novice and Elementary – top effort guys!

I left Stilebridge for Chilham where I had two groups schooling in the afternoon. The sun shone and the ground was amazing. I received a text from Kate Lawson to say she might be late due to lorry problems. I assumed that it wouldn’t start but later on it transpired that Kate had filled it up with unleaded – doh! In the same group, Sam Hemple had barely been on for ten minutes when an awkward jump left her with a broken and dislocated finger. Ouch! Despite all that, a good afternoon was had with some noticeable improvement in a few combinations on last time out while others found their feet after the winter break. The terrain at Chilham, like Eridge, is far more challenging than we give credit, not least for the trainer who marched around twice!

Today Lily was an absolute star. She had her first trip out ever, soaked it all in, took it all in her stride, tried her very best and brought the red rosette home with 67%. I am really pleased with her. Her eyes were on stalks when we arrived yet she didn’t put a hoof out of place. She’s so cool.

Next I have a non-horsey weekend planned and Harry gets some more jumping practise in before Mattingley. Am loving this weather!

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