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Pub Lunch

Char came for our lesson on Friday and had Harry working on taking more weight behind. I think she despaired at my description of our maiden dressage outing but she didn’t leave with her head in her hands so a big plus. There’s plenty to improve on – staying in the arena would definitely be a bonus!

Ivy posted a win with Romy in the Inter-Schools dressage competition at Duckhurst on Saturday. Must just be me that’s struggling with this dressage mallarky!

So onto Tweseldown Sunday for our debut and what a star Harry was! He was somewhat bumptious to warm up but performed an improved dressage test with everything in the right place leaving him about half way up his section. We had a pretty hairy start to our showjump warm up – he seemed really tense and kept zooming off into the practise fence taking it out at the roots. Not very inspiring I have to say! I dread to think what the other competitors thought but keen to avoid a teenage tantrum (“You can’t tell me what to do, I have my rights!”) I continued to do nothing and he eventually relaxed and the penny dropped that it was his job to organise his body and legs. He then went and jumped a super clear round. On the cross country he was amazing, just galloping and jumping, not an awkward moment, he really impressed me. Finishing on our dressage score was a fantastic effort and 8th place to boot!

Debbie had another good day at Eaglesfield BD with her first win in the Restricted Novice. Best I book Harry in for schooling!

Nick Coles the horse dentist was in this week doing routine checks. All was good on that front. Harry is really easy and takes it like a man, however both girls require a fair quantity of chill-out gel beforehand! It’s about time to move Lily on from the plastic straight-bar and start developing more of a contact so it was perfect timing for a check-up. More pics of Lily soon!

The decision was made to cancel the Chelsfield lecture demo so I’m looking forward to having the day off. I may venture out to the pub at lunchtime like a ‘normal’ person!  

Then this week we are going to Sally’s for a lesson and then both Lexie and Harry go to Munstead at the weekend…keep you updated!

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