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Never has an arena felt so small

I have a new XC schooling date, Sunday April 25th, 2pm at Chilham Park. This is particularly beneficial for anyone doing their unaffiliated event in May. We’re also taking names now for the first Carmen Court jumping clinic on April 17th. I’m looking forward to starting these again, and am hoping for warmer weather!

From the world of dressage…Debbie Reeves came back from Eaglesfield last Tuesday with the judge’s comments in capitals “I LIKE IT!!!” – crikey, think we must be doing something right, I suggested framing the sheet and hanging it in the loo!

Sarah Hetherington on the other hand had ventured out to Stilebridge. She was feeling a little bit under-horsed as everyone floated past her little mare on big bay warmbloods, when a fellow competitor came up and explained that her horse had been frightened by Sarah’s coloured because it thought she was a cow!! Well ‘cows rule ok’ because Trinny was 2nd overall – that’s the last time someone will call her Buttercup!

And then for my own efforts….On Sunday Harry and Lexie ventured out to Heath Farm, Munstead for some pre-season combined training. It was my first dressage test on Harry, and of course we were on a grass arena. He was much more forward than at home, which meant our usual lack of balance was rather magnified, but nothing quite prepared me for the test itself. Oh my god, it would have been easier to steer the horsebox around the arena! Clearly no-one had explained to Harry that we were supposed to stay inside the white boards. Down the centre line (hey, this is straight, good), track right (ok, bit hollow but not bad), 20m circle at B (ooh, where’s my steering?), up the long side (OK let’s make the best of this bit), short side next (Harry turn, Harry turn!), and we clunk out over the boards at A! The test had some positives (we got five 8s) but the judge didn’t seem to appreciate us leaving the arena (4), the mincing jiggy-joggy walk (two 4s), or the Irish Jig we did at G for a 3 (did someone say halt?!). Let’s just say I’ve got some work to do, but that’s what these early outings are about – fact finding missions! I’ve got a Char lesson tomorrow, hope she doesn’t leave with her head in her hands….

He was also very different to jump on grass and in a big arena – rather opinionated and keen! So this too will need some practise, but the big fella did leave them all up for a clear round so I was very pleased. Lexie and Martin, as usual, pulled out a very nice test. Lexie looked away with the fairies and had the first fence down which was a shame as otherwise she jumped very well. She finished 5th in her section. Harry was 12th in his I think. It was great to be out, although absolutely freezing. I look forward to seeing how we go at Tweseldown on Sunday. Will let you know!

I lunged Lily over a small fence in the school this week. She stopped, looked at it, said “I can’t go forwards, something is in the way!” Then we persuaded her that forward was the only way so she stepped her front legs over it and looked at me as if to say “now what do I do, I’m stuck!”. The lightbulb eventually came on thank goodness. Today we cantered around a course of poles with wings – it was a bit like riding someone’s gymkhana pony but I was very impressed with her attitude. She just got on with it. 

The jumping lecture demo at Chelsfield is suddenly next weekend, best I post this and go give it some thought….

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