Janine Lamy

Diamond Tyrera (1994 – 2010)

Tyra came to us as a scraggy three year old, just a couple of days after arriving in the UK. She had been bought by a local dealer at the Goresbridge sales, having been bred by John Murphy in Dungarven, County Waterford.

She was dark grey, with an upside down ewe neck, in fairly poor condition, and had the worst case of rain scald we have ever seen. But for £2000 she was not an expensive horse – she seemed perky, bright and interested, and we had very little funds!

She was quickly backed and soon started the rounds of local competitions with Martin. Unfortunately a  year off with a tendon injury in 1999 meant that she did not start her eventing career until 2001, where she quickly showed a natural talent for cross country with that typical Irish ability to find a fifth leg at all times. However her show jumping technique was not the best and she found this phase increasingly stressful. Once she progressed to Novice it became obvious that she was not going to be competitive and was no longer enjoying her eventing.


Late in 2002 we made the decision to loan and later sell Tyra to Bill and Angela Boniface where she took to her new role with immediate relish. Bill and Tyra whipped in for the Coakham Bloodhounds for 5 seasons, going first or last over the biggest hedges and through the heaviest ground without a second thought. It was as though she had found the job she was born to do.

In the spring of 2008, although still resolutely sound, Tyra was found to have serious damage to the tendons in her front leg and the sad decision was made to retire her at the age of 14. She was then loaned to a stud in Tunbridge Wells where, despite her age, she quietly and calmly produced a beautiful Arab cross foal last spring.  

The last time that we saw her was mid summer 2009, happily grazing with the other broodmares whilst her foal cantered around her in the sunshine. The plan was that she would be put back in foal this year.  Sadly this was not to be and Sunday morning Tyra was found dead in her stable, just as she had lived her life, quietly and with no sign of any fuss; we can only suspect a heart attack.  

Tyra went so much further than we could have predicted and spent her entire life with a friendly eye and her ears forward – she will be sadly missed.

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