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Cool bananas!

It’s come to our attention that Harry is obviously not as thick as he likes to make out….he has become a master at untying ropes and escaping. Four times in the last two weeks to be precise (you’d think I would have caught on huh?!) Last Wednesday I was getting ready to go out for a lesson. One minute I am grooming a hind leg, the next I am chasing him past the stables and down the path, and I finally catch up with him in a nearby paddock looking very pleased with himself, doing ‘Harry does Riverdance’ on his leadrope. Monkey!

I have been worried that both Sally and Char would think he’d gone backwards since last seeing him in November. A rather inauspicious start to his jumping lesson, “hmmm…..he appears to be jumping by brail today”, but rose to the dizzy heights of “he looks like a different horse”. Wey hey – that’s the physio, flatwork and jump trainers all thinking he’s going better; just me to convince! I think the bit of hunting we managed, followed by our enforced break has actually done him the world of good.  

He has been entered for Tweseldown and Munstead 90s. We’re into Tweseldown, and waiting to see if we escape the ballot for Munstead. It occurred to me after entering that I haven’t jumped a course of fences on him yet (minor point!) so yesterday we dragged ourselves to Duckhurst. He was a very good boy. He’s only been indoors once before and took it all very calmly. Bit of rider error forced a pole to the floor in the first round, but a lovely clear round for our second attempt. Really pleased with the way he jumped. Polos for Harry!  

The pictures on facebook of us schooling at Munstead have caused quite a lot of comment. Everyone seems to be quite amazed at Kate Lawson’s little legs! What they don’t realise is that it’s not her horse, he very rarely jumps, and Kate has only ridden about six times in the last ten months – top effort!

There’s a new boy for me to play with at home. He comes with a reputation of being a bit of a rebel, and the plan is for me to jump him occasionally to give him something different to think about. Now that I have, his owner Donna might just find Grumpy Boy in her stable and Otto in mine – he’s a natural and I look forward to playing with him more.

Lily dude, Lily dude, rah rah rah! On day three of being ridden we had our first canter, and on day four we went for a hack around the corn field – Cool Bananas!

Unfortunately the weather has put pay to our plans of schooling at Littleton Manor tomorrow. We have our hooves, paws and fingers crossed that we’ll still be able to go to a pre-season combined training at Munstead next weekend. I’m rather hoping to ride a dressage test and jump on grass before our first event – I’ll let you know! 

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