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Warts and all

First of all, let’s talk Lily. I am so pleased with her progress over the last two weeks. She’s been quite sensitive to the bit and is very ticklish so I was expecting quite a reaction to being long reined. Wrong! On just her third time on the long reins she was out on her own, trotting and changing the rein like a pro. Fantastic effort, particularly considering the cack-handed fool that was behind her. Go Lily dude!

Having agreed last year to do a lecture demonstration at Chelsfield Equestrian Centre, I now have to think about what we will do and with which horses. Suddenly it’s only a month away and it’s not like I have a string to choose from. It will certainly be a ‘warts and all’ demo, we’re not exactly talking Mary King here! I have this recurring vision of Harry knocking down every single fence he’s pointed at. Crikey, I need to get a grip! And breathe……..

Talking of Harry, he continues to look like a tortoise; all big body with no neck and a head. This Weightwatchers thing doesn’t seem to be working, could he be cheating?! I’m starting to wonder if Lexie, a permanent size zero, is passing it over at night….something just doesn’t add up, he’s as fat as a house!

The horses all had their six monthly back checks this week with Chris Caden-Parker. Chris said that Harry had never looked so good which was great news. He’s really a much stronger chap now. I also just wanted to check that everything is OK with Lily before we plug on with the ridden work.

Dead chuffed with Harry’s efforts on Friday. Char came for a lesson and thought he was much more forward, and also more willing in the brain department. Hurrah!

And then yesterday we went to Munstead for our first XC school. The big boy did me proud. He was a bit unruly to begin with but very bold and brave. The highlight for me though was seeing one of our Pony Club members, Hannah Bartholomew, on her new horse jumping round the 90 course. Hannah is only twelve and has had her new horse for only three months. It was great to see them to do so well and look so pleased.

Decision made. I’ll be entering our first 90s after I’ve updated this. Yikes!

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