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An unnecessary freezing of water

What a nightmare this weather is. First of all Jack Frost does his worst, and then the snow, and more snow, and everything stops…..

It wouldn’t be so bad but Santa ignored my request to give all my clients waxed surfaces and indoor schools…pah! What a frustrating time of year.

The Coakham Bloodhounds meet at Nurstead on the 3rd had to be postponed. With a lot of new jumping planned it will be very disappointing if we aren’t able to hunt there this year. Last year was cancelled for the very same reason.  We’re crossing our hooves that we’ll be able to try again on January the 17th, although I’m not sure the horses will be fit enough now.

I also had to cancel our session at Eaglesfield on Friday. There were three groups all keen and ready for some jumping but it was not to be. Hopefully I can organise another date.

In the brief spell in between snow I did manage to ride. After seven weeks it was no surprise that the breeches were a little on the snug side! But hurrah, back in the saddle! Then it snowed again…

Harry is busting out of himself. I took him for a walk in the snow-school yesterday and he didn’t know where to put himself. Upwards, sideways, almost anything other than forwards, so this morning we decided he better go in the paddock for a few hours. Once unclipped, he stood by the gate bucking, farting and leaping about on the spot for about 4 minutes. How I look forward to riding him again…

Did you all see Jean-Francois Pignon at Olympia? What an amazing horseman. I love the idea of Lily coming when I whistle! A challenge for half owner Louisa I think!

 On the positive side we have two pre-season XC schooling dates booked for Intro level upwards:
                – Munstead, Sunday 14th February, 1pm, £35
                – Littleton Manor, Sunday 28th February, 1pm, £40
Hopefully we will have lost the snow by then and can blow the cobwebs away!

In the meantime, that boy needs a haircut….

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