Janine Lamy

If only real life had danger music

Things were going so well….

I have to admit to a few aches and pains after hunting Harry at Attwood but an easy sitting down day was planned on the tuesday as I was attending the BSJA Coaches Seminar at Towerlands. This was fronted by Billy Twomey and Peter Charles. It was an interesting seminar with the main focus on a disciplined approach to the flatwork basics. I was mildly amused as a slightly frustrated Billy jumped on one of the horses to show how he wanted it done, only to realise how difficult the horse was and declare that the rider was doing a fab job already – we’ve all been there!

Then on thursday I got squashed, and squashed proper – metal fence, me, horse – ouch! Several hours in a hospital waiting room only to be told I’ve cracked a rib, nothing can be done, take lots of pain killers, it could be six weeks….SIX WEEKS?!

On the saturday morning, an ever sympathetic Martin announced (with tears of laughter in his eyes) that watching me to try to get out of bed was like watching a beetle stuck on it’s back. I really didn’t see the funny side…..which seemed to amuse him even more….

So some days later this week, still nursing a cracked rib and a generally bruised and painful body, I really wouldn’t have chosen to have someone drive into the side of my car. Yep, that’s exactly what happened next. I had a proper Victor Meldrew moment. Argh!

Luckily for me, Martin and Louisa have been stars. They’ve done the horses and kept everything going. Bored rigid, I have caught up with nine months of paperwork and have managed to do most of my teaching, swapping jumping lessons for flatwork ones, and keeping my sanity!

I’m off to watch Martin hunt Lexie at Bassett’s Manor today. Given the forecast of 5 degrees and heavy rain I may prefer to be in the car after all – frustrated but warm!

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